Clean and simple microblogging.
Ideal for team status updates.

Chat for your team

OpenWork Feed is a clean and simple microblogging app. Post updates, and follow your colleagues to keep up to date with the pulse of your organization.

Customize and extend

OpenWork Feed is fully open-source, and Apache 2.0 licensed. If something is missing… just add it! The codebase is nice and compact, with a React.js frontend, and a unique backend written in a new language, DAML.

DAML is the secret sauce behind OpenWork. It's a strongly typed functional language for concisely describing workflows between multiple users. This means the data description and application logic can be unified, resulting in a smaller codebase with strong integrity guarantees.

Lower cost

OpenWork Feed is much cheaper to run than commercial apps such as Yammer. You can host your own on your cloud provider of choice, or you can use our managed service, ProjectDABL, and pay-as-you-go.

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