Simple, Open-source Kanban

Host your own Kanban board for team collaboration
A screenshot of an OpenWork Board

Getting Started with OpenWork Board

Create an account

OpenWork apps are open-source and you can host your own. However, the easiest way to get going is to use our hosting service, Project:DABL. The link below will open the log in page in a new tab allowing you to refer back to this page for instructions.

Create a project

Once you have created your account you'll be taken to the dashboard page where you can create and manage projects. Click on "New project" in the upper right.

Create a ledger

Pick a name for your project and the ledger that will hold the app data

Add the app

Once the project is created, pick either the Board app and click "Add to a Project"

Deploy the app

Follow the wizard to pick your newly created project and ledger to deploy the app to

Get it running

After the app files have been added to the ledger, click into the ledger and press "Configure"

Pick the user

Run the automation service as "UserAdmin"

Get going!

You are now good to go! Scroll down to the "App UI" card to see the link to your app. This is a unique link to your app that you can share with the rest of your team.